I'm Jan Ritter

and this is why you should hire me at Dell.


I'm the right man for the job.

I have worked in almost every department of filmmaking, granting me a lot of experience in the creation process of a film. Sound is my biggest strength but I'm not shy of working with a camera or doing postproduction jobs, as well. Creating unique content with other creative people is my passion.





"I love helping people to create the best content."


I love technology

I'm a kid of the 90s. I grew up with the advancement of the internet and the first home PCs. When I was just 11 years old I started to build my own computers where I learned a lot about each and every component and how to optimize a system. I developed a passion for new technologies and even though I switched over to a Mac for my work as a sound engineer and musician while I was studying, I kept my curiosity for PC hardware and still run both systems at home.

Working for the internal ad agency at Dell would combine my passion for technology with the opportunity to create the best audio & visual content for Dell's products.

"In my opinion, Dell offers the best Windows computers for consumers and professionals in terms of quality and performance."


I'm a quick learner

One of my biggest strengths is my ability to adapt to new challenges. Over the course of my career I've demonstrated the ability to learn different software applications when the situation demanded it. These applications ranged from digital audio workstations, visual programming & online content creation to video and photo editing software as well as projection mapping and many more.

Avid Pro Tools
Ableton Live
Final Cut Pro X
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Photoshop

"There are no problems, only challenges!"

"There are no problems, only challenges!"

Did you know?

I'm a Music Producer.

When I heard that Austin is the live music capital of the world I was very excited! Not only could I pursue my career as a production assistant but also indulge in my second most favorite thing: Music! Studiying Music Production in Berlin, Europe's capital of electronic music, at one of Germany's most renowned university the SRH Hochschule der populären Künste, built my foundation as a music composer and artist.

My background as a composer for commercials and other media could greatly benefit Dell Blue because I could also support your postproduction team by creating tailor-made soundtracks.

Last but not least

I'm a perfect match.

I've already proven what a valuable team player I can be for Dell blue at the IFA event 2018. Apart from my duties as a production assistant I was able to adapt and do things that were out of my scope. I was integral in translating and copywriting for interviewees, while remaining control over the sound & camera recording.

"Best production assistant ever."

Gabriel Leal-Soares - Videographer

Just to let you know

I will go the extra mile

Leaving the town where I lived almost my entire life is challenging.But I love challenges and I wouldn't hesitate to move to Texas, not even a second.


Personal details




Jan-Marco Ritter


Falkenhagener Str. 7
13585 Berlin

Professional experience


Audiovisual installation „SEQUENCES“

  • Creation of an immersive and interactive audiovisual installation from concept to finished product. (in coorperation with the swiss architecture university „Berner Fachhochschule“)
  • Gained deeper knowledge of MaxMSP, projection mapping & Arduino programming

2014 – 2015

Internship at De Falcon Creative Music Agency

  • Assisted Chief executive to develop sound strategies for clients.
  • Gained experience in music production, voice over recording,
    sound design and sound editing for advertising purposes.
  • First composition for a TV Commercial (Client: Westwing)

2015 – Present

Freelancer as JAMARI SOUND

  • Worked independently in many areas of media content creation for clients such as Audi, Google, VW, Netflix, Porsche and many more.
  • Composed music for TV, cinema and online commercials elevating the clients brand with state of the art musicproductions.
  • Sound editor and mixing engineer for online, broadcast and cinema (5.1)
  • Location sound engineer for film and TV shows.


Founding of Filmemacher Deutschland ww GmbH

  • Helped to establish Germany’s largest filmmaker community
    • Access to 20.000+ filmmakers
    • Close to 60.000 likes on the facebook page
  • Recorded A/V content for social media channels, broadcast and documentaries
  • Worked as a production assistant and location sound engineer on documentaries abroad. (Nepal and Iceland)
  • Worked closely with social media influencers and gained knowledge about social media marketing



Abitur at Hedwig Bollhagen Gymnasium, Velten


Studying Bachelor of Arts in Musicproduction & Audiodesign
at SRH Hochschule der populären Künste, Berlin

Language skills


Professional skills

Digital audio workstations
Video editing software
Location Sound
Social Media Marketing
Camera operator

Personal skills

Dealing with unexpected challenges
Work under pressure


Selected Works


  • Kammerspiel (Short film) - Boom Operator
  • Rollstuhl (Short Film) - Boom Operator
  • Lemon (Episode des dffb-Akademiefilms 2014) - Boom Operator
  • Michael (Episode des dffb-Akademiefilms 2014) - Boom Operator
  • Monte Cristo (Short Film) - Boom Operator
  • Hunger (Short Film) - Boom Operator, Sound Designer
  • Mephisto-Effekt (Trailer) Music Composer


  • Netflix show "Brainchild" (2018) - Music Composer
  • Rendez Who? - 1Live - Boom Operator
  • Die Superpraktikanten (2015-2017) - UHD1 - Music Composer, Sound Editor, Sound Engineer, Boom Operator, P.A.
    • Surf And Style
    • Traktor Pulling
    • Ziplining Olympiapark München
    • Jennifer Weist
    • Höhlentrekking
    • Panzer Fahren
    • Magix Wakeboarding
    • Frankfurt Blog
    • Globetrotter
    • Frankfurter Buchmesse
    • Fitzek Ensemble Berlin
    • Jam FM Star Wars Challenge
    • Tropical Islands
    • Evolve Skate
    • Fashion Week
    • Hummer Fahren
    • ITB
    • Bauma
    • Deluxe Music
    • Tom Ordell
    • Wingly
    • CSD
    • Grillen UHD
    • Synchronschwimmen
    • Violetta
    • Olly Murs
    • Sport1
    • Rag n Bone Man
    • Kochen
    • Spielzeug Messe


  • The Olive Branch for Children - Music Composer, Sound Editor, Sound Engineer
  • 21 Hours Of Light - Iceland - Music Composer, Sound Editor, Sound Engineer, Boom Operator
  • 360 degree Nepal - Roadtrip 4k - Boom Operator, Production Assistant


  • Porsche "Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid" - Imagefilm
  • Viktor Leske "Viktor Leske" Online Commercial
  • Clariant "Clariant" - Commercial
  • IFA "IFA Summit 2014" - POS Film
  • Evonik "Evonik" - Imagefilm
  • Westwing "Deine Inspiration" - TV commercial
  • VW "The new Touareg" - Imagefilm
  • Die Welt am Sonntag "Die andere Seite" - TV commercial
  • WEMPE "Cape Town" - POS Film
  • Bosch "BOSCH" - Imagefilm
  • VW "The e-UP! Navigation" - Voice Over, Sound Design
  • VW "Las Vegas Rally" - Imagefilm
  • ARAG "Auf ins Leben" TV + Cinema commercial
  • LIDL "LIDL Fan Cup Foosball" - Imagefilm
  • Mammut "Mammut Store App" - Imagefilm
  • West Lotto "Unbeatable" - Online Commercial
  • VW "Tag der deutschen Einheit" Imagefilm
  • 48 Stunden Neukölln "S.O.S. Kunst rettet Welt" Imagefilm
  • Google "YouTube Golden Play Button Award" Imagefilm
  • Roche "Roche" - Imagefilm
  • Regiomed "Regiomed Kickoff" - Imagefilm
  • MyDays "MyDays" - Online commercial
  • Audi "Some call it work." - HR Campaign (Cinema, Online)
  • Freestyle Academy Stuttgart "Freestyle" Cinema Commercial
  • DELL "IFA 2018" - Social media content

Audiovisual Installations

  • Blumenbar


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